Why Our Customers Trust Us More

Strict Quality Control.
Timely delivery to meet your project requirement.
Immediate supply of spares from Ex-stock.
Prompt after sales service.

Our Expertised Service in Centrifuge Separation

We provide our expertised services for solving your separation problems.
Selection of equipment, capacity and required model to meet your product requirement.
Custom-tailored approach to suit your process requirement.
Also our prompt after sales support and spare parts supply.

Our Pilot Testing Facility

In order to meet clients requirement for technical performance we optimize equipment accordingly.
We arrange the testing centrifuge at your plant at actual conditions to meet your requirement before ordering the equipment. (For Indian customers)
We also provide our engineer service to help you to conduct the trial and also to help you to achieve the required results by various permutations and adjustments of the centrifuge so that it can be incorporated in the equipment.

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